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ALEXANDER YON HrMBOLBT.       ^       205-
of this human knowledge to infinity.
covered the great forces of the movement ol
bodies, which Copernicus had surmised; and tile-
great theory of gravitation which Newton introduced
changed physical astronomy into the mechanics of the
We do not follow Humboldt in Ms illustrations of
the history of the development of astronomy from
Galileo to Kepler, and of the mathematical epoch
from Newton to Leibnitz, because he has only collected
the results of his predecessors In his own manner, and
it does not include his own special researches. But
with the discoveries of his contemporaries, Humboldt
is intimately connected, for he had a direct or indirect
share in aU the advances made in natural sciences.
Therefore his assistance in the sciences of the heavens
and of the earth is gloriously pre-eminent in the greab
branches of study on warmth, light, magnetism, and
all great forces, whose better explanation is the intel-
lectual triumph of the present age.
We have thus endeavoured to give another intellec-
tual portrait of Humboldt, by a general sketch of Ms
"Kosmos," which we have made with all possible
fidelity.    But the great work is not yet completed; a
third and last volume will give us the results of the
discoveries on which the present condition of science-
is principally founded.    And as " Kosmos," the great
legacy to the German nationals still incomplete, the life
of Humboldt is also incomplete, and we take leave of
Mm with the ardent wish that he may yet dwell for
many years on this earth, with whose mysteries he is*
so familiar, and from which he has culled such abun-
dant fruits of knowledge.